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REBELLAB is a moving image and advertising film production company in Berlin. We have been producing high-quality commercials, event and social media formats since 2012 – always with our finger on the pulse. We deliver creative, progressive and innovative concepts and stories. Using methods such as Design Thinking, REBELLAB’s approach is strategic and explorative at the same time. The rebel in us is forceful. What we see and observe, we transform into sentiment. We believe emotions to be universal, intercultural and more powerful than words. We work with clients we believe in, and whose visions we share. Let’s rebel yell together!

Happy Clients

ADAC, Goethe Institut Munich / Damaskus / São Paulo, PACT Zollverein Essen, Disko Arts Fetival Iceland, SONAX GmbH, F-SECURE Finnland, EXCHANGE AG, Sächsische Staatsoper Dresden “Semperoper”, Axel Springer AG, Intel Germany, ESCADA SPORT, Vogue Italia, Mercedes Benz (MBVD), IXDS GmbH, BeCoding SoMa GmbH, daumenkino GmbH,  rbb Fernsehen, 4iMedia, Managementforum Starnberg, Radio Eins vom rbb, Heimathafen Neukölln, ArtBerlin, Galerie Kornfeld, Markus Jans Photography, Weberbank

Sebastian Spiewok, owner & Director of Photography

Sebastian is mastermind and founder of REBELLAB. The cameraman and producer has been at the helm since 2012. He is passionate about wearing shirts and adding contrast to the picture. He is a networker and a project manager who can’t wait to solve the bigger puzzle.Sebastian places great value on fair conditions, prefers roast chicken to fancy foods and is an outspoken fan of the elegant classic German orthography. He likes to keep his original career aspirations to himself. If you ask him about it, he says it's best for everyone he didn’t go ahead with it. During his studies, he acquired hands-on skills in image design, camera technology and production for renown film productions and TV companies such as ARD, ZDF, rbb Fernsehen and n-tv. Today, he creates rebellious commercials for brands he believes in. He founded REBELLAB with a deep need to break conventions and reassemble the pieces to create something new.

What does the rebel in him stand for? Does not believe in impossible. if you can imagine it, you can create it.

We are looking for a executive producer / production assistent with fluent german and english. Please send us your CV to: