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About us

REBELLAB is a moving image and advertising film production company from Berlin. We have been producing high-quality advertising films, event and social media formats since 2012 – always with our finger on the pulse. We deliver creative, progressive and unconventional concepts and stories. Using methods such as design thinking, REBELLAB approaches its tasks strategically, but always with a touch of exploration. The rebel in us is strong: we transform everything we see and perceive into an emotion. For us, emotions are universal, intercultural and stronger than any words. We work with clients we believe in and whose visions we share. Let’s rebel together.


Sebastian Spiewok

Owner & director of photography

Sebastian is the mastermind and founder of REBELLAB. The cameraman and producer has been head of service since 2012, is a passionate shirt wearer and is responsible for making pictures look great again. Sebastian values fair conditions, creative exchange and operational discovery. He founded REBELLAB with a strong desire to break down conventions and put them together to create something new.