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With our “Green Production Path” initiative, we are setting new standards in the production of audiovisual content for ourselves. Our goal is clear: to combine top-quality film production with an unconditional commitment to environmental protection and sustainability.

The “Green Production Path” initiative stands for a holistic approach that runs through all phases of our productions – from planning to implementation and post-production. We believe that great content and protecting our planet can go hand in hand. That’s why we’re committed to integrating innovative and environmentally friendly solutions into our day-to-day work to minimize the ecological footprint of our projects.

REBELLAB is about more than just film production; it’s about creating a future where creativity and sustainability are inextricably linked. Join us on this exciting journey and discover how together we can change the world of film for the better.

Status quo?

Successes to date

By switching to green electricity and using batteries charged exclusively with green electricity, we have taken an important step towards reducing our CO2 footprint. We illuminate our sets with energy-efficient LED technology, and for our transportation we use electric or low-CO2 alternatives wherever possible. The digitalization of our operational processes and our preference for video conferencing instead of face-to-face meetings have not only increased our efficiency, but also drastically reduced our paper consumption.

Paths into the future

Our goals are ambitious. We plan to take a close look at our environmental footprint in the coming months and share these insights. Our aim is to be transparent and honest – greenwashing is not an option.

For our customers, this means even more insight into how we work in future: Each project will conclude with a detailed sustainability report based on the criteria of the “green motion” label. On this basis, we would like to encourage our customers to offset unavoidable emissions through CO2 offsets, i.e. the purchase of certificates for voluntary CO2 compensation by supporting climate protection projects.

5-step roadmap

We have developed a five-phase plan to drive this development forward and achieve our goals in the area of green production:

Phase 1: Awareness and baseline measures

We are building on our foundation and strengthening our commitment to environmental sustainability by continuing to train our team and carefully selecting our partners and suppliers according to their environmental standards.

Phase 2: Enhanced sustainable production practices

In this phase, we focus on selecting sustainable filming locations and further optimizing our transportation and logistics strategies to further minimize our carbon footprint.

Phase 3: Sustainability in all aspects of production

We strive to act sustainably in every step of our production process, from the choice of materials to the energy supply on set.

Phase 4: Compensation and contribution to the environment

We aim to offset unavoidable emissions through targeted compensation projects and invest in renewable energy and the development of green technologies.

Phase 5: Transparency, certification and role model function

We are committed to full transparency with regard to our environmental footprint and strive for certifications that underline our commitment to green production. By leading by example, we want to inspire others to follow our path.

With this step-by-step plan, we are actively committed to making the production world more sustainable while producing high-quality commercials that not only inspire audiences but also help protect our planet. Join us on this journey to a greener future.

CO2 Report

At REBELLAB Filmproduktion, we understand how important it is to take a look at the balance sheet after a project. That’s why we want to establish a final report after every project that shows how we implemented environmentally friendly measures and what we caused in terms of CO2 emissions. Our report is easy to understand and offers clear recommendations for future action.

This report is about being open about how well we have complied with environmental standards. We take a close look at how much CO2 we have emitted during production and look for ways in which we can improve. Our aim is to learn from each production run and continuously increase our contribution to environmental protection.

We intentionally make our report simple and clear. We want everyone to understand what we are doing to produce in a more environmentally friendly way. And we give concrete tips on how we – and others in the industry – can work even more sustainably in the future.

After a project is completed, we send this report to the relevant bodies, be it a film funding body or a broadcaster. But we don’t just stick to the guidelines. At REBELLAB, we go one step further by seeing our final report as an opportunity to be transparent and constantly improve. In this way, we contribute to making the film industry more sustainable.